Project Description


Navy-010Small size, easy to use and completes with all functions.
Wide LCD display and keypad backlighted
It’s enough to push any key to backlight keypad.
High o low RFpower selectable.
It is possible to chose between to power transmission: 4W or 1W.
Keypad lock
Just push the “Lock” key to lock/unlock the pad and prevent from any accidental use.
Emergency call button
Channel 16 can be called just pushing the “16 key” placed on the left of the radio front panel.
Squelch adjustment
There are 8 squelch levels. Level 1 is the most sensitive (open) and level 8 is the least sensitive (closed). Auto(Ao) is the optimum factory setting and ‘Off’ is fully open, with constant static noise
Monitor function
The Monitor function is used to briefly check for activity on the current channel.
Dual-Tri watch
Dual Watch mode allows you to monitor two channels; a primary channel and the dual watch channel. The dual watch channel must be the channel 16 in any case and this is preset by factory default. When a signal is received on either channel the unit will pause for about 5 seconds before resuming the dual watch.
Channel Scan
The Channel Scan can be used to find or detect users on other radio channels..
Key Beep
If the Key Beep is activated, your radio will emit a confirmation tone whenever you use the keypad. You can activate or deactivate the Key Beep as required.
Power save
To conserve battery power the radio will automatically enter Power Save mode after a short period of inactivity.
Supplied with :
Li-Ion 7,4V/730mAh rechargeable battery pack
• Desk battery charger • Case • Antenna • User manual.