Project Description

Retrotech Retronet 3.3

Retrotech has been focused on developing fleet management system for the shipping industry since 2007. RetroNet, the software, was developed based on current market standards and critical requirements to manage maintenance and spare-procurement in fleets. It is a standard Microsoft Windows based application and can operate on most Microsoft OS platforms.

Fully Customizable User-Interface – easy to use, user friendly interfaces supported with advanced reporting and security requirements.
Modern Technology – regularly updating technologies, frameworks, keeping us up to date.
Database Independent – supports number of standard RDBMS databases like MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, Sybase, My SQL, etc.
Minimal Learning Curve – easy to learn thereby saves on training costs.
RetroNet is designed to effectively plan, execute, monitor and control the maintenance, spare-procurement of each vessel. The system allows you to make informed decisions by providing swift and highly reliable synchronization between the vessel & center office at all times.
Maintenance advanced planning & implementation, defect/ breakdown reporting, consumption monitoring, integrated e-documents reporting, inventory critical levels, purchase schedules – our system aims at helping you achieve what matters the most to you.

The RetroNet Advantage: It Is all About YOU

Customization Friendly – We absolutely do not believe in the policy of “one fits all”. Our software is fully customizable to allow the entire system to fit YOUR environment.
Real World Solution – The software has been designed and tested in live environments to allow it to effectively meet YOUR real world needs.
Safe and Secure – RetroNet not only allows easy collection of every detail towards compilation of various reports but also ensures that the details are never compromised and stay in YOUR rightful hands.

Versioning of Data – RetroNet helps YOU keep a track of all the changes made in the system.
Extremely Powerful Filtering – RetroNet is packed with advanced filtering options.
Advanced Reporting Options – RetroNet has in-built report-designer to generate reports on the go, from anywhere, in the system.
Effortless Data Building – options to build databases for new vessels, with easy replication of data for common measures.